As property investors in Hawke’s Bay we understand what is needed for your rental property

With many years experience we have knowledge in all areas of the property game including appraisals, advertising, choosing great tenants, inspections, rent management and also working with owners, tenants and tradespeople to look after your property.

For property management in Hawkes Bay, make it a hassle free experience and get HassleFree Rentals to look after your property for you. You can rest assured that your property will always be managed professionally, and in full compliance with all legislation.

We don’t just look after rental properties, we also look after your family home if you have to move out of the area. If you want to know what is happening at your home and be sure that when you do return home the house has been well looked after, then HassleFree Rentals are the property managers for you.

We look after this...

We-Look-After you can enjoy this


Looking after your property
is what we do, it's all we do,
and we do it well!

Our Hassle Free Guarantees


We will keep you in the loop as much (or as little!) as you like. We will always call or email you back in 24 hours.


All tenants are vetted through over a dozen databases, as well as landlord and employer references checked.


One all inclusive management fee with no hidden charges.

Here Is What You Get


A Free Market Rental Appraisal

We look at your property with fresh eyes, and make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. 


Any Issues Dealt With

Whenever it is, whatever it is – we have it under control. Your tenants can get hold of us, while you are enjoying your free time. 


Online Access

You have access to any information about your property at your fingertips. With a secure online login you can access statements, property inspection reports and much more.


Regular Inspections

Your property inspected 4 weeks after a new tenant moves in, then every 12 weeks from then. We also do frequent “drive-by” inspections to keep a close eye on the place.


Regular Rent Reviews

Rents on each property are reviewed every 6 months, making sure that your property is getting the best returns possible for you.


Tradespeople You Can Rely On

We arrange all the repairs and maintenance on your behalf, with our team of approved tradespeople. 

Our HassleFree Fees

  • Management fee
    9% of rents collected + GST
  • TradeMe advertising
  • Market rental appraisal
  • All property inspections
  • Arranging tradespeople
  • Screening tenants (inc. credit checks)
  • Attendance at tenancy tribunal
  • Photographs of property

(06) 280 9888

Call us to arrange a no obligation Market Rental Appraisal at your property and we can let you know how we can make owning investment property HassleFree for you.